About Us


Our Approach

We would like to start by saying Thank You for visiting our blog.  As technology evolves, we would like to keep our readers updated on the latest gear, gadgets, and any electronic devices that can make your every day lives easier.  Our purpose at Munroe Electronics is to share data with you that we gather daily.  Data gathered from everyday use of devices.  Tried and tested products, so to speak.  We are not blogging to produce negative opinions about any products, we simply want to describe the pros and cons of the electronic products we use daily and allow you to make your own assumptions.  However, when we find exceptional products we will make recommendations to help make the job easier for you.

Our Story

Someone once said, “smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from other people’s mistakes.”  As we work through the endless hustle and bustle, juggling between work, home, and social life, we can easily become overwhelmed.  As we learned from our own mistakes, time and time again, using outdated phones, computer, watches, headsets, calendars, and so on, we decided to share our discoveries.  Thus Munroe Electronics was formed.  We are here offer advice, recommendations, and to share our experiences to help save you countless hours of frustration and experimenting.  So be wise and learn from our mistakes.  We hope that the information we bring can save you time that you can share with your loved ones, or finally take that trip you’ve been planning to see the word.